The Growth Journey of a Parking Company: 8 Advantages of Using A Smart Payment Platform

Are you looking for a payment partner who can support your parking company’s growth journey in international markets? Discover the platform that facilitates efficient internal working methods, delivers a seamless customer experience, and can easily be scaled up and used in every country you expand into.

If you run a parking company, payment is a fundamental component of the service you offer to your customers. It can also be a real challenge to overcome when trying to set up your business in new markets, since the rules and standards around payment differ significantly from one country to the next. Read more about that in the article, “Is your parking company starting an international growth journey? Read this first.”

The right payment partner can help you grow in new markets

Before embarking on international expansion, you would be wise to choose your payment partner with care – and to have a long-term strategy in place from the very start. The right partner will deliver a payment solution that you can easily take with you into new markets, while simultaneously reducing internal administration. That way, you won’t need to spend your own valuable resources on researching the local rules and regulations in each specific country. Nor will you need to enter into many different agreements with individual suppliers. You can thus be more efficient and agile, giving you an edge on the competition.

In the article “How to choose the right payment partner for your parking company's international growth,” you can get concrete tips on what demands you ought to place on your payment partner.

A payment platform that completes your toolkit for international growth

Companies in the parking industry, as well as many other industries, have already partnered with Billogram to optimize their payment processes. What makes our platform particularly suitable for international growth? Here are eight examples.

1. Full flexibIlity

Billogram’s platform offers a wide range of payment methods and functions that reduce administration and enhance both the B2B and B2C customer experience. You decidewhat aspects of our offer you want to connect with based on your business model and the markets you are planning to enter.

2. A scalable, future-proof solution

Because Billogram is, at its core, a technology company, we have internal resources dedicated to developing new solutions based on your needs. We also have extensive experience, expertise and business intelligence in the payment market. With us as your partner, you get a scalable, future-proof solution that is always updated and aligned with the latest regulations and standards, regardless of the market.

3. Control over the customer relationship

With Billogram’s solution, you control the customer relationship and can develop it in line with your brand, in all markets and for every step in the payment process. Your company name is visible on each invoice and on the account summary. You decide for yourself whether or not to charge late fees. You thus avoid referring your customers to various third-party suppliers who might have other, more short-term economic incentives than ensuring that your customers are satisfied and loyal.

4. Simple integration

Billogram’s platform can easily be integrated with your existing systems. This means that employees who need access to the data will be able to see it in real time and have an updated, overall understanding of each of your customers’ cases and their status. It makes the job easier for everyone, not least your accounting and customer service departments

5. Automated flows

Based on your needs, we set up automated processes and flows that make it easier for your customers to pay on time, even if their first attempt for some reason fails. For every imaginable scenario, like a failed direct debit payment or incorrectly entered card details, we have a plan that automatically kicks in to remedy the problem. It could involve, for example, a new attempt to execute direct debit a few days later, or an automatic email that is sent to the customer containing information on what needs to be done. You thus avoid payments being unnecessarily delayed, which risks irritating customers, creates extra work for your employees, and negatively impacts your cash flow.

6. Data-driven insights

You can link Billogram’s platform to your BI systems in order to extract and analyze large quantities of user data. This gives you valuable insight into your customers’ behaviors and preferences so that you can adapt your offers and communication for maximum impact.

7. Transparent pricing model

Unlike many others in the payment market, Billogram does not purchase your accounts receivable. Nor do we charge a commission or take a share of the late fees or claims revenue. With our solution, there is a fixed cost per payment.

8. Seamless implementation

Despite what many believe, implementing a new IT solution does not need to be a difficult or complicated project. Not even when it involves entering new markets. During the implementation of Billogram’s platform, you and your employees will be supported every step of the way by experts with extensive expertise from prior projects. We will set up all the configurations based on your preferences and offer you advice on what has worked well in other organizations. Our seamless system integrations, in combination with a wide network of well-established partners in other countries, makes the platform easy to scale up for more users and local adaptations. Because of that, your company can grow in new countries without needing to expand your own internal administration function.

Would you like some inspiration from companies who have had successful international growth journeys? Read about how Sector Alarm chose Billogram as their payment partner for a unified customer experience in several European markets . And, if you’d like to know more about how our platform can help your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us!