EasyPark chooses Billogram for smarter billing and better customer experience

Earlier this year, the global mobility platform provider, EasyPark issued a procurement for its billing operations. Billogram emerged as the preferred pan-European provider able to deliver through one single integration across multiple markets. The new partnership will work to digitize parking across Europe and make mobility services easier, smarter and more enjoyable than ever.

Since its inception in 2001, EasyPark has revolutionized the parking industry with its award-winning mobile application, helping drivers save time and money while contributing to the development of smarter and more livable cities. EasyPark Group's extensive market coverage spans over 20 countries and encompasses more than 4,000 cities worldwide.

EasyPark has chosen Billogram as the provider of a one-integration solution to efficiently handle account receivable management across countries and markets such as Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Iceland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium.

“We love working with digital frontrunners and EasyPark really brings out the best in Billogram. Our solution’s ability to scale seamlessly across markets supports international expansion with focus on customer experience,” says Tom Hedman, Head of Sales Strategy & Deputy VP Sales, Billogram"

Billogram is the leading invoice and payment orchestration platform in Europe as it brings unparalleled expertise and support to the table. By leveraging Billogram's advanced technology and comprehensive solutions, EasyPark Group aims to streamline its invoicing processes, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Beyond efficiency and seamless cross-market integration Billogram and EasyPark are also looking into how to best leverage data insights for customer personalisation and further service development within the AI-driven payment space.

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