It's time to give your invoice a more valuable job

With the rise of digital technology and automation in general – and intelligent payment platforms specifically – the invoice has taken a huge leap in its career development. Which of these new roles and skill sets would benefit your organization the most?

3 new roles your invoice is ready to take on:

1. Head of Internal Efficiency 

The administrative workload of getting paid is bigger than you think. It includes dealing with failed transactions, customer questions about fees and due dates, as well as external debt-collecting partners. The invoice is ready to save you time and money through proven skills such as:

  • Payment Error Minimization

  • Customer Support Efficiency Enhancement

  • Paper-to-Digital Invoice Conversion

2. Customer Relationship Manager

If your company relies on recurring payments, the invoice is a primary point of contact with your customer base. Therefore, it’s crucial to let your invoice make use of its excellent (but often underrated) relationship skills, including:

  • Proactive Communication

  • Customer Experience Optimization

  • Churn Reduction

3. Revenue Optimization Specialist

From perfectly timed reminder messages to personalized product offers – the customer data generated by your invoice lets you optimize every step of your customer journey. Combined with the power of AI and machine learning, your invoice will unlock capabilities such as:

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Data-driven Decision-making

  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Handbook on how to put your invoice to work 

At Billogram, we know the impact of seamless payments on customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. But that’s only the beginning. To spread the word of what the invoice is really capable of, we’ve put together a helpful handbook. Download it today to uncover seven different business goals and how to use your invoice to achieve them.