Let billing be the ace up your sleeve

We meet again! Here is where you can find our contact information and learn more about how billing can become the ace up your sleeve. Getting paid is important, but how you get paid can have a big impact on your organization, and on how your customers perceive you.

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Sören Steckmest

Head of International Sales

soren.steckmest@billogram.com +46730550606

Tom Hedman

Head of Sales

tom.hedman@billogram.com +46734024707

Darly Massamba

Business Development Manager

darly.massamba@billogram.com +46706240395

Stjepan Kalfic

Business Development Manager

stjepan.kalfic@billogram.com +46791024764

Johan af Sandeberg

Head of Partnerships

johan.af.sandeberg@billogram.com +46706446444

Filippa Granting

The Loyalty Card 

Billing and payment processes are important for organizations that want more satisfied customers, more loyal customers.

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The Customer Communication Card

As far as recurring, cost-effective and relevant channels of communication go, it’s hard to beat invoices.

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The Digitalization Card

By combining the invoicing and payment process in a single, cloud-based interface, you digitally transform most of your contact with customers, without needing to implement a major IT project!

Genom att kombinera faktura och betalprocess i ett och samma molnbaserade gränssnitt, digitaliseras huvuddelen av er kundkontakt – utan att det blir ett stort IT-projekt.

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The Streamlining Card

A digital billing platform provides for a high level of digitalization with very little effort, both for companies and their customers.

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The Cash Flow Card

With aspects like easy-to-understand design, simple payment methods, digital distribution and automatic payment methods like direct debit, this modern invoice ensures that more customers pay the correct amount, on time.

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The Modernization Card

Digitalizing and automating large chunks of the billing process frees up resources that can be devoted to more value-creating work that promotes business development and strengthens your relationship with your customers.

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The Partner Card

Uniting the entire billing process in a single, intuitive interface via a dedicated partner opens up numerous new opportunities and upsides.

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The Sustainability Card

Our digital platform has been designed for change. It also offers advantages that entice customers to transition from paper invoices to digital delivery and payment.

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