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Our journey

Billogram emerged from the desire to replace outdated payment process and traditional PDF and paper invoices with new digital and interactive alternatives. We provide our clients with a digital platform for billing and payments, which streamlines customer management while improving the customer experience. Using smart technology, we help companies automate processes, leading to lower costs, increased revenue and reduced churn.

In short

From the start in 2011 Billogram has helped big and small companies offer their customers a better payment experience.

The company was founded by Jonas Suijkerbuijk and Cesar Sangchi. Today it has over 100 employees at the head office in central Stockholm.

Billogram is active in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Apart from the founders, the owners include: Rutger Arnhult, CNI Nordic, Inbox Captial, Partech, Swisscom Ventures, styrelseordförande Peter Sjunnesson, Thord Wilkne and others.


We are in the midst of an exciting expansion phase and are always interested in hearing from those who think tedious invoices and tortuous payments deserve to become something better.

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Miriam Larsson


Tim Öhman Cirillo


Joanna Rydbeck

Carl Lindberg


Josefine Söderqvist

Jens Ganslandt

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