Guide: How to implement a modern billing platform

Many IT projects consume the resources and time of developers and other people in a company. So what types of projects should be prioritized? Modernizing and future-proofing the billing and payment process is often a more straightforward project than one might think. The right type of integration and a supplier who can flexibly realize your vision, based on your conditions, is truly a winning combination!

You get answers to:

  • Advantages of a modern billing and payment platform

  • Purchasing the service vs. building it yourself

  • What does it take to implement a billing platform?

  • How does Billogram’s solution work?

  • API integration

  • File integrations

  • Hybrid integrations

  • Summary: How Billogram can help you

Get to know our solution

Billogram combines multiple functions for invoicing, payment and customer communication in a digital platform, along with adding automation and data to arrive at a unique, end-to-end-to-end solution that benefits companies and their customers. Here, you can look more closely at the parts that make the whole.

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