Engage customers during the payment process

Billogram helps telecom and broadband companies significantly improve, streamline, and digitalize the payment experience, to the benefit of both themselves and their customers.

An efficient end-to-end solution

Beyond an interactive invoice format, Billogram offers a digital platform that can handle everything from distribution, communication, easy payments, debt collection management and accounts payable. The result is a simple payment process for companies and customers alike, keeping customer service tickets to a minimum and reducing churn.

Billogram enables

Reduced churn

By minimizing the instance of payment errors, increasing payment options for customers, and easily converting invoice recipients to direct debit, Billogram helps telecom and broadband companies reduce customer churn.

Improved customer lifetime value

Improve CLV through simple, frictionless payments and by creating new opportunities for customer engagement.

New opportunities for engagement

Share information, offers, or customer surveys on the invoice.

Increased self-service for customers

Customers can choose how they want to receive and pay their bills from a variety of popular distribution and payment options.

New opportunities for upselling

Present relevant offers on the invoice, based on personalized customer data.

Fewer customer service tickets

Decrease the number of customer service tickets with pre-filled reference numbers, clearer billing specifications, and real-time updates of payment status.

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