Sector Alarm Chooses Billogram as Part of Their Path Toward Further European Growth

Sector Alarm is a full-service supplier of safety and security solutions for private homes and small businesses. It is currently the second-largest alarm company in Europe, with over 600,000 customers and more than 3,000 employees in 8 markets. As part of its effort to achieve a better pan-European customer experience and a unified way of working in all markets, Sector Alarm has now chosen Billogram’s platform for payments and invoicing.

Centralized System Strategy for Efficient Work

Sector Alarm was founded in 1995, and over the years it has established itself as a leading supplier of security solutions. The company is in an exciting phase of expansion and in recent years has had rapid growth in several European markets. Sector Alarm’s market potential in the safety and security industry is huge, with the long-term goal of becoming the leading company for security solutions in Europe.

In order to be able to keep growing and maintain efficiency, it is becoming increasingly important to limit all costs that are not directly linked to the core business. A strategic choice for Sector Alarm has thus been to build up a centralized IT environment, with a company-wide array of technical platforms. It offers the organization optimal support while simultaneously lowering administrative and operational costs. It also creates the opportunity to work in a single, unified way throughout the entire organization across all markets, which facilitates a uniform customer experience.

Same Platform in All Markets

As part of this effort, Sector Alarm has spent quite some time searching for a partner that would be able to offer a turnkey solution for invoicing and payments that could be used in all of their European markets. Björnar Bukholm, Group CFO at Sector Alarm, explains:

– There are a number of suppliers offering technical support for payments in several markets. The problem is that their solutions are typically a compilation of several systems that have been joined together through various partnerships. There is thus integration complexity, which is something we are trying to avoid. We were looking for a supplier who could harmonize the invoicing and payment process for all markets, in a single platform. Besides the clear technical advantages, it also facilitates a shared, uniform way of working within the company and it gives our customers that same experience, regardless of which market they are in. Our experience is that Billogram is the only company offering this type of turnkey solution. It is also a solution that is fully scalable and can thus be used in the new markets that we enter.

Based on all of these factors, Sector Alarm chose Billogram’s platform for invoicing and payments. Carl Lindberg, Deputy CEO & CCO at Billogram is looking forward to a long, successful collaboration:

– The fact that another major customer like Sector Alarm has chosen Billogram is clear evidence that our offering really stands out and is unique in a European context. In the end, it’s all about customer satisfaction and creating a unified, but still locally adaptable, experience in all markets.

Would you like additional information on how Billogram can help your business grow in more markets? Contact us, so we can tell you more!

For more information on the collaboration between Billogram and Sector alarm, please contact:

Fredrik Runéus
Customer Success Manager, Billogram
Tel: +46 735 33 03 94

Sector Alarm is a full-service supplier of safety and security solutions for private homes and small businesses. Sector Alarm is the second largest player in the Swedish market. Since its inception in 1995, the company has grown to become the second largest alarm company in Europe, with over 600,000 customers and more than 3,000 employees. Sector Alarm is rapidly growing and is currently established in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. Sector Alarm has the long-term goal of becoming the leading company for security solutions in Europe.

Since its inception in 2011, Billogram has transformed an outdated invoicing process by offering an intelligent digital platform for invoicing and payments. Through interactivity and automation, we streamline customer management for companies with recurring payments and improve the customer experience for their customers. The result is a payment that benefits everyone.

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