Payments for the
Digital Age

How you charge is almost as important as getting paid.

On the Customer’s Terms

Customers today expect bill paying to be just as easy and frictionless as other digital payments, and companies must live up to this standard. Simple digital payments lead to fewer payment mistakes, improved cash flow, and reduced churn.

More Than Just Payments

Whether your customer receives a paper invoice or a web invoice, the payment can be made digitally, minimizing the risk of mistakes. When you send customers web invoices, you take advantage of a new communication channel where you can share customer service issues, important information, and personalized offers. This creates a better customer experience, as well as opportunities for increased revenue.


Billogram offers several different popular payment methods, which we keep updated to make sure our clients are always at the forefront when it comes to payments and invoicing, benefitting both our clients, and their customers in return.

Less Admin

Pre-filled OCR numbers, clearly marked payment status, automated conversion from paper to digital and automatic bill payments all help reduce the manual work associated with invoicing and bill paying.

Fewer Support Matters

With Billogram, up to half of all payment related support calls are eliminated, reducing costs and freeing up important resources.

Strong Cash Flow

Easy-to-use payment methods, pre-filled OCR numbers and fast, digital distribution channels ensure that customers make their payments on time. By increasing on-time payments, cash flow becomes more stable and predictable.

Better Customer Experience

Billogram gives companies and their customers more choice and increased simplicity when it comes to bill paying, which reduces the risk of mistakes being made. The web invoice format also gives companies an opportunity to communicate personalized offers and information, and even handle customer support questions all within the invoice.

Increased Control

A company and its customers can easily follow all events regarding the payment in real time on the invoice. It clearly states when it was opened, what has been paid and if anything remains.

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