The optimized billing experience

Billogram's invoicing & payments platform automates customer management, prevents churn and increases revenue.

Event: Game-changing Invoicing and CX To-Go

Join us on October 16th in Stockholm for a day dedicated to learning from industry changemakers who have transformed their fields and changed customer expectations. At Techaway you’ll gain actionable insights and tips to apply to your business, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction throughout the invoice-to-cash process. Inspiring speakers such as Adam Kostyál, CEO at Nasdaq Stockholm, Johnny Warström, CEO at Mentimeter, Billogram's CEO Jonas Suijkerbuijk and more.

What we do and how we do it

Unlike many billing and payment solutions, our primary goal is to increase your control over the billing process and how customers are handled – at every payment. We are here to make each transaction seamless in ways that pay off for both parties to strengthen your relationship. Here’s how we do it:

A Fully-Loaded Format

Billogram’s interactive digital format replaces the traditional invoice. We offer new, easy-to-use payment methods that get companies their money faster, and improve customer experience. Our friction-free payments result in fewer mistakes, fewer customer service errands, and decreased churn.

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Digital Customer Interaction

For companies with recurring payments, invoices make up the majority of all customer interaction. With Billogram, this customer interaction becomes digital and more efficient overnight. This creates new opportunities for proactive customer communication and more revenue per customer, via personalized upselling via the invoice.

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Smart Personalization

Using customer data and Billogram’s service, companies can predict what information and which offers customers want, and can meet those wants throughout the customer journey. With smart technology companies can automate and personalize these processes. This lowers customer management costs while increasing revenue.

Maximized Efficiency

Implementation usually takes between 1-3 months and opens up a world of new digital functionality for Billogram customers. Smart technology converts end consumers to digital invoice recipients, enables direct customer communication and turns manual processes into efficient, automated ones. This digital functionality can be utilized from the start, or you can gradually apply it over time - and new functions are always being developed.

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